Missouri grafted, grown, harvested, crushed, pressed, and produced, with family orchards since 1816.


Black Bear Cider Co. was established in 2016 on the 200th anniversary of our family nursery.  We have been growing fruit trees since 1816, introducing such apple varieties to the world as the famed Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, and many more!  Now, there is a cider resurgence happening in the United States, and being rooted in such rich apple history, it’s disappointing there aren’t more cideries in our part of the country.  With a passion for fruit growing, the art of making cider, and honoring our heritage, we felt a moral obligation to “saddle our horse” and lead the revolution, bringing authentic cider to Missouri!  Given our history and devotion to the almighty apple, we have been called “Aristocrats of Appledom,” which is a title we bear very seriously.

As a small batch cidery, from graft to craft, we’re able to pay attention to detail, having a hand in every step of the process. Some cideries are forced to rehydrate apple juice concentrate, or purchase juice from large, out-of-state, commercial presses, ferment in large batches, and turn product in as little as two weeks; this affects both quality and authenticity. We trade scions with other orchardists, graft our own trees and source local ingredients from the hand-picked apples we press to the Missouri oak staves in our barrels. We follow a traditional winery model, planting in the Spring, harvesting in the Fall, and fermenting throughout the Winter. This enables us to use local terroir to our advantage, respect the character of the apple and create a wonderfully unique experience for our customers. Some of our ciders include annual orchard blends, single varietals, specialty and barrel-aged ciders, and limited releases.


STARK ORCHARD BLEND (Annual orchard blend of table apple varieties)




Beer Outside! What more could you ask for? Beer Outside is a 20 tap trailer stocked with locally brewed delicious craft beer, sometimes offering a unique selection from out of town. We specialize in pop-up beer gardens in local parks and area venues but can be booked for private events. Take a look around and see what we're all about! We're sure you'll like what you see and take an adventure to come find us near you! Cheers! Come have a Beer Outside!




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